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Belarusian territorial defense in railway bridge defense exercise in Gomel

Practical actions to defend a territorial defense site on the water were practiced in Gomel as part of the training session “Military security and defense of the Republic of Belarus”, BelTA has learned.

According to the scenario, territorial defense received a tip that a group of unknown individuals had been detected near a railway bridge. Preliminary data indicated it was a sabotage and reconnaissance unit sent by the enemy with the intent to destroy the railway bridge. The territorial defense unit's commanding officer decided to fire on the enemy. Artillery units, an air defense missile system were utilized in the course of the episode.

The territorial defense unit promptly blocked the area where the sabotage and reconnaissance unit was. Personnel of special operations forces were also deployed to destroy the enemy unit. They were airlifted by a Mi-8 helicopter to the area where they landed and destroyed the enemy unit. One member of the enemy unit was captured. He was delivered by a helicopter to the territorial defense headquarters for questioning.

The annual training session “Military security and defense of the Republic of Belarus” began in Gomel under the leadership of Belarusian Defense Minister Viktor Khrenin. Taking part in the training session are heads of the oblast administrations and the Minsk city administration, chief enlistment officers of the regions and the capital city.