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Construction of recreation and cultural and entertainment
center «Aquapark»
Creation of the project of agro-ecological tourism and organization of tourism activities on the territory of the republic biological reserve «Dnepro-Sozhsky» (DOWNLOAD)
Construction of an agrofarm (DOWNLOAD)
Creation of a tourist complex (DOWNLOAD)
Construction of tourist complex between settl. Kisteni and
v. Yankov Log of Rogachev district 
Organization of production «Mobile home» (DOWNLOAD)
Creation of a tourist complex on the basis of the buildings of distillery (DOWNLOAD)
Reconstruction and construction of the recreation center «Dneprovskie Zori» (DOWNLOAD)
Reconstruction of Palace and Park Ensemble of Narovlya (DOWNLOAD)
Creation of a tourist base with year-round working (DOWNLOAD)
Creation of infrastructure on the territory adjacent
to the Sazansky reservoir 
Creation of the «Center of tourist services on the basis of the equestrian sports center of the village of Ozershina, Rechitsa district» (DOWNLOAD)
Creation of a museum and tourist complex
«Small towns are a great history»
Construction of a fisherman’s house on the river Pripyat
Construction of a tourist and entertainment complex (DOWNLOAD)