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Providing services for the repair of motor vehicles,
placement of automobile fuel and gas-filling station
Construction of hotel complex (DOWNLOAD)
Construction of a hotel (DOWNLOAD)
The opening of a service station of vehicles (DOWNLOAD)
Modernization of hotel (DOWNLOAD)
Development of infrastructure of border points of customs clearance
of the «Novaya Rudnya»
Organization of construction of a car washing plant (DOWNLOAD)
Construction auto service stations with a car wash in the settl. Octyabrsky (DOWNLOAD)
Opening a ground of culture and rest in settl. Oktyabrsky on the territory
of State Establishment «Oktyabr Zoo»
Construction of the station of technical inspection (DOWNLOAD)
Opening of the Recreation Park in Svetlogorsk (DOWNLOAD)
Construction of sports and entertainment center in Svetlogorsk (DOWNLOAD)
Construction of multifunctional hotel complex in the center of Kalinkovichy (DOWNLOAD)
Repair of the fuel equipment of diesel engines (DOWNLOAD)
Reconstruction of the stadium and construction of a sports complex (DOWNLOAD)
The reconstruction of the former dormitory for hostel in Svetlogorsk (DOWNLOAD)
Reconstruction of hotel in Petrikov (DOWNLOAD)
Construction of a health and fitness center in the microdistrict «Severny» of Petrikov (DOWNLOAD)
Installation of amusement rides in the park «Pridneprovsky» in Zhlobin (DOWNLOAD)
Construction of an entertainment center for children
and youth in Lelchitsy
Construction of a logistics center in Zhlobin district (DOWNLOAD)