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Food production

Construction of shop on slaughter of cattle in Bragin (DOWNLOAD)
Modernization of production on the basis of plant for the production of rapeseed oil of JSC “Braginagroservice” (DOWNLOAD)
Organization of production of soft drinks on
the basis of unused buildings, settl.Uvarovichi 
Creation of an enterprise for processing of river and pond fish on the territory of the Pripyat Polesie (DOWNLOAD)
Creating a processing plant of wild products on the territory
of Pripyat Polesye 
Creating a processing plant of wild products (DOWNLOAD)
Construction of a workshop for processing of pond fish in Petrikov district (DOWNLOAD)
Organization of a new enterprise for bottling of mineral and drinking
water in Petrikov districts
Creation of an enterprise for bottling of drinking water and other soft drinks on the basis of JSC «Gomel Wine Factory»(DOWNLOAD)
Sale of PUE «Rogachevcanning factory» Reconstruction and technical re-equipment of canning factory or its repurpose (DOWNLOAD)
Organization of production of bottling of bottled drinking water in Khoiniki (DOWNLOAD)
Creating an enterprise for processing wild mushrooms and berries
on the basis of JSC «Yelsk cannery » 
Reconstruction and modernization of potato storages by 3.000 tonnes with the installation of equipment for the production of potato flakes (DOWNLOAD)
Reconstruction of the refrigerator and compressor shop
«Zhlobin Meat Processing and Packing Factory» AFIC PC 
Construction of the line for bottling of bottled water in Dobrush (DOWNLOAD)
Organization of production of mushroom growing (DOWNLOAD)
Create a mini-workshop for meat processing in the Bragin district (DOWNLOAD)
Production, processing and freezing of vegetables, berries, mushrooms, potatoes (DOWNLOAD)
Construction of a mini-workshop for processing milk on the basis of JSC “Otor” in Chechersk district of Gomel region(DOWNLOAD)
Construction of a line for bottling bottled water in Loev (DOWNLOAD)
Organization of livestock production (DOWNLOAD)