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Construction ofthe dairy farmfor 600 heads (DOWNLOAD)
Construction of the closed agricultural production complex on the basis of JSC “Novosyolki” of Petrikov district (DOWNLOAD)
Installation of the production line of certified seeds of grain crops (DOWNLOAD)
Construction of a pig-breeding complex for 24 thousand heads (DOWNLOAD)
Construction of pig farm for10,000 head in Dobrush region (DOWNLOAD)
Construction of energy-saving greenhouses with an area of 6 ha JSC «Complex «Vostok» (DOWNLOAD)
Construction of the plant for the processing of animal waste and the production of meat and bone meal
Feed complex with grain storage on 20 000 tons (DOWNLOAD)
Construction of a greenhouse for growing seedlings of flower crops (DOWNLOAD)
Creation of modern production of elite seeds of soybean and hybrid sunflower seeds on the basis of JSC «Lelchitsy agroservice» (DOWNLOAD)
Modernization of the line for granulation of mixed fodders at the branch «Novobelitsa combine of bakery products» of JSC «Gomelkhleboprodukt» (DOWNLOAD)
Creation of a large sheep farm in the Gomel region (DOWNLOAD)
Construction of 2 pig houses for 2,200 heads for the growing of pigs in fattening in the village May of the Rechitsa district(DOWNLOAD)
Establishment and development of a combined fruit and berry garden (DOWNLOAD)