Address: 2 Lenin Avenue, Gomel, 246050, Belarus
Main Science and education Universities


Higher educational establishments

Frantsysk Skoryna’s State University of Gomel is the biggest establishment of higher education in the oblast.

More than 7000 students attend 12 various university


Full-time students who are enrolled in day-time programs, entertain the option of attaining 25

different professions. 11 professional specializations are offered to those students who are

enrolled in independent studies program. There are 48 sub-faculties with more than 600 teachers, 300 of them hold Doctor of Science and Ph.D. degrees. The university has also four councils on thesis defense in 5 majors and a post-graduate course.

In its R&D activity the university seeks to develop fundamental science. At the same time more than 30% of scientific research is done within the framework of naional and regional programs. Scientific research is carried out in 18 areas in accordance with inter-university and national programs of fundamental researches.

Many developments of the university have been applied in industry. These are laser technologies and equipment for heat treatment, metal cutting, brazing and welding, technologies for obtaining combined ceramic articles, glass and polymers, informational technologies, geological projects on protection of ground and surface waters from contamination, and others.

Frantsysk Skorina University maintains close contacts with a number of foreign scientific organizations: Institute of Fundamental and Applied problems of the Polish Academy of Sciences, International Center of Theoretical Physics in Triest (Italy), Unified Institute of Nuclear Studies in Dubna, Niedersachsen Science Higher School and others.

Belarusian State University of Transport (BelSUT) was created in 1953 as an all-union higher educational establishment. The highly-skilled personnel of the university comprise professionals from all over the former Soviet Union (Moscow, St Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Tashkent etc).

There are two thesis defense councils in the university.

Research Institute of Railway Transport was created in 1997 on the basis of BelSUT. The main areas are fundamental and applied management and innovation, mobile stock, railway, buildings and constructions, road circulation safety, labour and ecology protection, creation and accreditation of science centers on certificate tests of technical appliances, technologies and services.

The university worked out the concept on transport complex development in the Republic of Belarus, the program of the river and sea fleet development, the law ‘On hot cargoes transportation’ and ‘On railway transport’, as well as other legal acts on transport issues.

The university widens and strengthens its international scientific contacts. It has established close ties with educational institutions of China, Poland, Germany and Italy. BelSUT and Magdeburg Higher Technical School have signed an agreement to exchange students and faculty. The scientists of the university make reports in educational establishments of Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, China, Italy, and Bulgaria. The university cooperates with a number of railway departments of Russia and Ukraine, as well as with Russian leading research centers of transport. A regional research certification center on electromagnet compatibility is being created in the university with an active help of the Gomel oblast executive committee, the committee on science and technologies attached to the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus and Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus.

The professors of the university make a great contribution into the development of the transport and construction complex of the city of Gomel and Gomel oblast.

For the last 10 years more than 300 researches have been done on demand of various enterprises and organizations.

Sukhoy State Technical University of Gomel is the leading technical center of Gomel oblast in training of engineers.

In the university there are postgraduate studies, special thesis defense council in two majors.

More than 450 copyrights and patents protect the results of the scientific activity of the faculty. More than 300 scientific works and 23 monographs have been published in republican and foreign periodicals. Zhlobin branch of the university has been functioning since 1997.

The university takes part in state scientific programs ‘Energy-saving, ‘Lasers’, ‘Materials’, inter-university programs ‘Physics of Micro World’, ‘Machinery’, ‘Priority’, ‘Metallurgy’, republican programs in the sphere of fundamental researches ‘Kvark’, ‘Power engineering, ‘Mechanics, ‘Casting’.

The university has received 23 copyright patents for their inventions and the USA patent.

The university has signed several cooperation agreements with the International center of theoretical physics (Triest, Italy) and Triest University, with Institute of Low Temperatures and Structural Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Kiev Polytechnics Institute. It carries out joint works with United Institute of Nuclear Studies (Dubna), has scientific relations with Warsaw University (Poland), scientific establishments of Germany, Norway, Switzerland, France, the USA.

Belarusian state trade-economic university of consumer cooperation

focuses on the following areas: economy, commodity research, marketing, management, book-keeping and a number of topical issues of Gomel oblast ecology.

The university also studies the improvement of financial-economic mechanism of consumer cooperation under the formation of market relations.

Gomel State Medical Institute of Health Ministry of the Republic of Belarus was established in 1990 as there was a shortage of medical staff in Gomel and Mogilev oblast after the Chernobyl catastrophe.

The research areas are the following: functioning of organs and systems after the intake of radionuclides, preventive measures and treatment of the people who got exposed to radiation, adaptation after prolonged exposure to Cs-137.

Graduates of the institute work in medical establishments of Gomel, Mogilev and Brest oblasts.

Krupskaya State Teachers’ Training Institute of Mosyr

The institute activity is important not only for the republic but for foreign countries. For several years the institute still holds its leading position in research of holographic and ultrasound means for information processing.

Thanks to numerous researches in the area of methods of labor teaching made by the scientists of the institute, many unique manuals were published. They are being used not only in Belarus, but also in Russia and Ukraine.

Gomel Higher Military-Engineering School of the Ministry for Emergency Situations of the Republic of Belarus and Gomel Branch of International Institute of Labor and Social Relations have the statuses of higher educational establishments.