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Mozyr Oil Refinery about to finish building black oil hydrocracking complex


MINSK(BelTA) – Mozyr Oil Refinery has nearly finished building a black oil hydrocracking complex, BelTA has learned.
Such facilities as a water reuse unit, a local condensate station, a flare system, a control room with a distributing transformer substation, and tank farms are nearly ready as well. As many as 520 units of equipment have already been placed in their designated positions inside the black oil hydrocracking complex. The number of companies involved in the construction project is rising as well. The general contractor OAO Promtechmontazh, its divisions, and 54 subcontractors are now working at the site, with the total number of personnel close to 700. Nearly 90% of the equipment the facility will need has been installed.
Construction and installation work is nearly completed at the second most important piece of equipment of the black oil hydrocracking complex – a hydrogen plant. Underground utility systems are now in place. The surface and access roads have been paved with concrete. The foundations have been erected. Metal structures and equipment have been installed. All of them have passed external and internal inspections and have been covered with heat-insulation materials.
The same situation can be observed at the site of the sulfur production plant. Process equipment is being trialed. Shortcomings are being fixed. Preparations for startup and commissioning are in progress. Warehouses of the hydrogen plant and the sulfur production plant are fully ready.
Work on the tank farms of the black oil hydrocracking complex is nearing completion. External lights are 95% ready. The control room building with a distributing power substation is nearly ready.
Communications between various plants – external water supply and wastewater pipelines, connecting roads – are nearly ready.
BelTA reported earlier that the black oil hydrocracking complex of Mozyr Oil Refinery comprises an integrated hydrocracking unit, a hydrogen plant, a sulfur plant, and 21 off-plant facilities. The implementation of the investment project will allow increasing the output of light oil products, which are more expensive and sell well on the market, up to 70% and increasing the crude oil upgrading index up to 90%. The project is expected to cost over $1.2 billion.
Mozyr Oil Refinery was commissioned in 1975. It was converted into a public joint-stock company (OAO) in 1994. The company specializes in refining oil and making and selling oil products.