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Belarusian steel mill BMZ reports good sales of innovative products in 2019


GOMEL, 24 January (BelTA) – The Belarusian steel mill BMZ sold about 740,000 tonnes of innovative products to customers in 2019 or virtually one third of all the deliveries, BelTA has learned.
The sum of the shipments exceeded Br770 million. The share of innovative products in the total shipments amounted to 27.3%.
In 2019 BMZ manufactured 265 kinds of innovative products, including 12 new ones. In particular, the company started making new kinds of reinforcement-variety steel, hot-rolled pipes for oil and gas industry, and alloyed rolled steel. BMZ also made and shipped pilot batches of 29 innovative products ranging from rolled products designed for making automobile parts to metal cord for leading tire manufacturers. The company intends to batch produce the new products after all the necessary tests are complete.
BMZ became a research organization in 2017. The company pays close attention to R&D work. In 2019 the company carried out about 150 R&D operations. As many as 64 research articles written by BMZ specialists have been published in periodical press in Belarus, Russia, and Italy.
In 2019 BMZ spent about Br16 million on research and development. It is remarkable that virtually all the money was spent in-house – by personnel of the research center, the technology department, the central corporate lab, and the design and reconstruction department. The most prominent specialists were awarded certificates of merit and letters of thanks ahead of the Belarusian Science Day.
The public joint-stock company (OAO) BMZ, the managing company of the holding company BMC, is a high-tech Belarusian metallurgical enterprise. It comprises four manufacturing divisions that focus on steel smelting, mill products, pipe products, hardware items, and infrastructure shops. BMZ exports more than 80% of its output every year.